19 novembro 2008

Me and Bobby McKee

Depois de 30 horas de performance com direito a número musical de fecho e tudo, aqui ficam algumas pérolas de desabafos e opiniões que fugiram ao script rígido de Robert McKee .

*"Every ten years writers strike for no reason but to remind people that no one works if the writers don't work."

*"Hollywood is bad, but it rules the movie industry because the rest of the world's mainstream is even worse."

*"Taste is in the genes, not education."

*"...retired CEO's buy glass penguins."

*"Autobiography is just another form of fantasy."

*"Hitler and Bin Laden are famous vegetarians, why wouldn't they just eat meat?"

*"After watching 'Babe' I couldn't eat bacon for a week - but then I got over it..."

*"Everybody hates everybody."

*"Supermodels make 15 million dollars a year and none has won a Nobel Prize yet..."

*"...George Lucas is a dangerous nerd..."

*"Spielberg has a comic book mind. He has nothing to say but does it beautifully."

*" 'Save Nature' people only want to save one thing: themselves!"

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